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  • Stops calls but drains the battery!

    By LazaroFilm
    I tried the paid version. The spam calls have (mostly) stopped. Got one fake number and a couple of hidden number calls. But the background app drains the battery like crazy! It uses 20% of my power consomption according to my iPhone battery info.
  • Warning-Sprint not 100% compatible

    By floridalife101
    This is not 100% compatible with Sprint. If you cancel, which one person updated a review: it holds your VM. I didn’t realize it until calls were lost, so know your VM will continue to go to them. It took some 2 days and many hours to correct with Sprint, it wasn’t easy on their end. They offered no help other to pay to get access to my VM. I tried it on a free trail, didn’t see it as the fix I need and deactivated after 4 days. I don’t recommend for any reason but the reason for a review is above and the customer support trying to get me to pay to sign up for my lost VM. As someone else pointed out, the last thing you want to do is answer spam calls. The number of calls blocked was 2 total of my spam calls in 4 days, it seemed easier to continue to block mine on my own - not pay. That’s my opinion. Just beware and check your VM after deactivation and be prepared for a long process with the phone company! Also, customer service here blames Sprint - no apology for not warning me so I could start this process right away. One would think Sprint was selling me the app for their phone/service! Unbelievable!!
  • Does not block health insurance calls

    By scottusaf
    I’ve been getting multiple calls a day from health insurance companies- it’s the same recording every time and horribly annoying. I kept blocking, they kept robocalling from a different number. I was hoping this app would take care of it but it had no impact at all. Calls kept coming straight through and I even forgot I had downloaded Robokiller. Cancellation was easy for me (I’m with Verizon) but I saw that others have experienced some problems. I would not recommend this app for its intended purpose.
  • Can’t get it to work on new phone

    By hdndnxncn
    I had this on my other phone and spent the money for the service. I loved it and even renewed. However I can’t get it to work on my new phone. It wants to set up another account and charge me again. There is no support option other than a FAQ and that doesn’t have my problem on it. I am not buying two subscriptions either
  • Cancelled & Deleted ( No Longer Works Effectively )

    By Silvercgu11
    Robokiller worked for about six months then the Spam calls got through more often, now everyday again despite paying for Robokiller. Either Robokiller, is no longer seeking ways to stay ahead of the spam or the spam callers are now better than Robokiller. This application is no longer effective and is now obsolete. Avoid, save your money and time. Wish I could get a refund, just another company promoting false promises....... Thanks !
  • It blocks like 1/20 spam calls

    By helloleah1996
    Don’t know what I’m paying for. It worked well at first now it only blocks maybe 1 out of every 20 spam calls.
  • Won’t activate

    By Bubbles assassin
    Can’t activate for some reason even though I’ve been a customer for MONTHS. I’ve contacted the support line about not being able to activate and I’ve gone through hoops to get this to work under their instructions. Still, nothing. Because I pay through the App Store, payments don’t process immediately and once RoboKiller came collecting, I couldn’t get in until a day or 2 after the payment went through. That’s when it all started, I was required to activate and go through this setup process again and again so many times but it just wouldn’t allow me get that section. iOS update or not, these people should do something about this issue and get it over with. It’s been over 2 weeks with this problem and nothings been fixed. Crazy.
  • Battery Hog iOS13

    By me_vc
    Absolutely “robokilled” my battery on iPhone X, iOS13. Canceled my subscription.
  • iOS 13 issues

    By Wadsonf
    I’ve been a robokiller customer for approximately two years now. Ever since switching to my new Max Pro, the robokiller 1&2 switches won’t stay on. Spoke to customer service, (Jessica) sent them videos of the issue and there’s still no solution. Spent an hour and a half on web chat to just be told it’s being looked at because of iOS 13 and to ask for a refund... now my phone is blowing up like crazy. Very annoying. Issues - never activates when you click setup - switches 1 & 2 are on when you first install, but if you click activate call forwarding and then check on the switches, they both are spinning - no one knows how to fix this
  • Terrible! Won’t activate

    By Memyselfandjesus
    This spp is terrible. After spending hours deleting and reinstalling it still won’t activate. I want my money back!