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  • Do not install!!!

    By otzigxog
    This game has lied on the adds so many times and tricked me so many times! I don’t recommend this game to anyone do not download!!!!!!
  • Weak sauce on a bogus burrito baaaaby

    So unless you are Asian or Arabic don’t bother. A $5 package for me USA costs like 1.99 pesos for Asians. It’s cheaper and ohh ya the American dollar is worth about 52 pesos. So the game has thousands of super players you can’t dream of competing against. Like possibly the greatest player strength disparity in the history of all gaming. And they keep deleting my reviews. Funny. I keep making one when I open reviews and click write review it should pull up my old review through iOS Game Center but hmmmm. It’s rated high on bullfrog! Fake reviews is my guess. Also support is bad. Won’t refund you even when mislead. I’ve gotten refunds on many other games. I had an incident where Igg made it sound like $20 = gift for all my guild mates but I got 10 gifts. It was such a rip off and I demanded a refund. Nope. I swear if I had a lawyer that case would have been Grenada. Keep moving along to greener pastures.
  • So good

    By T3am_Turtle
    So good
  • False advertising

    By ClackFlash
    Saw an ad for this game on a Idle Mine. Looked like a fun RPG age of empires like game. It’s nothing like it. It’s just another bad follow the quests game that allows for very little creativity if any. Don’t bother with this time waster.
  • Would be nice...

    By p0pstrmj
    To have the option to send troop numbers by percentage... or even have an option to send the exact troop number for resources instead of using the slide bar or doing math.
  • If feel like there should be more detail

    By Ummm, Hi
    So basically I think there should be more detail each time you level up a building like a castle when you look on the map there should be little differences that make it look better to keep me satisfied of what I got when I level them up
  • Great game

    By OGmackin
    Great game!! 👌🏾🤷🏾‍♂️
  • Fail in love😍💕

    By EvanVrai1
    Je ne pense pas pouvoir vivre sans 1 jours jouer a ce jeux!😍 franchement j’ai testé d’innombrables jeux de stratégie mais je suis vraiment tombé amoureux de celui là. Sa fait maintenant 11 mois que j’y joue et j’aime toujours autant que le 1er jour
  • Deleted account

    By Laserbay2000
    i never deleted game and you deleted my account.
  • This has to be rated 18 and up

    By AutumnHurricane
    The people who play this game say the most disgusting messed up things. Trolling and bullying is not blocked by the game creators. An adult man told a 10 year old boy to kill himself and wouldn’t stop sending messages to this kid till the kid quit the game. Children should not be allowed to play a game where there are clearly deranged people allowed to play. This includes people trying to get kids to send them nude photos of themselves. IGotGame needs to change the rating of this game and improve their banning/blocking system.