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  • False advertising on Facebook

    By SnowWhiteDM
    I keep seeing a lot of false advertising on this game. It’s super annoying. Someone needs to be honest.
  • Christmas World FTW!

    By MxPx_77
    I can tell your peeps put a lot of work into the Christmas content! This game in general is great. I can’t say enough good things. They make sure you have enough energy to play. You do run out of energy pretty quick but there are other ways to get energy if you really want it. I’ve been playin for awhile and haven’t gotten sick of it yet.
  • Greedy

    By Mom23462
    This is actually a fun game but it uses energy and everything takes ALOT of energy. The only way to gain additional overall energy bars is to complete limited-time special quests. This means you just can’t get very far in a single play and would have to play this pretty much non-stop to complete the special quest. OR continually PURCHASE more energy to refill your energy bar. Sorry, but I have a life and was looking for a down-time diversion. This isn’t it. Greedy developers will be the end of this game...
  • need changes

    By لمــوو
    very low energy.. can’t get easly
  • I QUIT!

    By LadyTeTe
    The requirements to accomplish ANYTHING are outrageous, ridiculous. If I could I would give a minus 100 stars. Sorry, not.
  • Overpriced game

    By Momma ac
    This is not a free game. They say it is free but the only way to move forward in the game is with energy and the only way to get enough energy to play the game daily is to buy it. Every aspect of this game needs energy and there is never enough. They have games and mazes but you need lots of energy to complete them so unless you plan on buying energy you will not be able to complete them and get the small bonuses offered. The prices for the energy is not equal to the amount of energy needed to clear the land and find the hidden items. I warn you don’t bother you will be frustrated with the greed of the developers and the lack of player friendly changes. The only changes they make are to spend money on energy. This game does not even deserve one star 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
  • Emeralds and got none!

    By Nanareggie05
    Authorized payment of $4.99 tonight for 80 emeralds, 100 energy and whatever else was in the “package.” Got NOTHING!!!!
  • Too much $

    By Dissapointed Daisy
    I really like this game but I just spend $4 on a “big” energy pack and it lasted all of 5 minutes of extra game play. I think it’s ridiculous if they really think people are going to shell out $100 on a mobile phone game.
  • Meh

    By The Killianaire
    The premise is fun but the game gets too big too quickly. it’s easy to unlock new areas, but it takes too much energy to actually clear a spot out. for example removing a tree takes 80 energy units, and you gain one every minute and a half. there are 7 trees in one small area. ends up being a lot of closing the game and waiting.
  • Fun!!

    By Ms_kBoo
    Totally enjoy playing the game. Keeps me stimulated through a boring day/afternoon. Do not like the bugs tho. Most recent update won't allow me to open the app. It appears for 2 seconds the closes out🤷🏽‍♀️.