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  • Garbage

    By Zero Wolf
    If you like a game full of hackers than this is the game for you. First week was great. Now it’s horse S***.
  • game crashes alot and takes my rubies

    By Viviana😺
    great game, but half of the time when i go to receive gifts or use the pipe, the game crashes. when i use the pipe, i spend my rubies but the game will crash. i close out of the game and my rubies are gone but i have no prize.
  • Crap

    By jesse 721
    Makes you make a Nintendo account that fails. Then only wants adds
  • Mishy_17

    By mishy_17🥵
    I’m loving this game ,but it’s be better if we can play with friends without paying
  • Nice

    By bored.asffff
    Nice and fun
  • Playing with Freinds

    By Bray Bray9555
    I personally think that this game should allow playing with friends despite level or versions. I also think that there should be an easier way to earn rubies/gems. ——————Braylon——————-
  • This one needs a little more time in the oven...

    By echoarchitect
    It has the characters and music that we all know and love, but it doesn’t go much farther than that. Mario Kart Tour has some great ideas in terms of offering bite sized races of two laps, giving characters special bonus abilities, bringing in new characters. On the other hand Mario Kart Tour never challenges me even when racing against bots. Racing against humans could offer some tangible sense of competition which the game does not have at the moment.
  • It’s the best game ever

    By annnnnnnniiieee
    I’m literally addicted it’s amazing I love it
  • A really great game!

    By karlcr9911
    I grew up playing Mario Kart in SNES and so glad to see it available for iOS now. I would only have one request for the next update: make it easier to obtain coins for purchasing characters and vehicles. It takes too long to accumulate any significant amount.
  • It’s so much fun!!

    By TWrecks670
    So much fun!!!