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  • The best gacha game of all time!

    By spazma7ik
    This game is a GEM. You’ll never play another mobile game again. 10/10. Animation and progression are top notch.
  • Just give us gold already

    By Criscuit Biscuit
    Smilegate just keeps giving us updated that act as gold sinks but we don’t have increased places where we can get that gold. It’s just greedy. Gotta buy those gold packs. And every time the community complains about gold they just try to walk around the issue
  • Great Game!!

    By ThunderLilly
    I Love the Graphics and Great Story Line! Good Job Guys and Gals!
  • Great to start...

    By akidnamedty
    The first episode is great. With plenty of actual animation in cut scenes, the story progression feels natural. Once you beat that first episode, you’re pretty much in post game. Where there are very few challenges and a monotonous daily play that yields little result. Not to mention, resources become severely scarce as you complete and unlock achievements. Over the past 6 months the developers have tried to create QOL changes to benefit the community. Unfortunately those changes have negatively impacted experiences for many. Paired alongside the lack of animation in the second episode, it’s just not a challenging endgame.
  • Nice

    By NaniTF
    This game is really fun
  • Lots of pros lots of cons

    By RedJoey
    Great art and story, good balancing of characters and variety of abilities, but so many gold sinks with no good way to earn gold and terrible gear range that frustrates all end game players.
  • Started great then came bait and switch

    By Greeniewolf
    This game stArted great and honestly is still mostly great but lately the events have gone down hill due to the devs unable to tell when their discord and stove page are being raided by 4 Chan. As a result events that start off promising decent and useful prizes keep getting swapped for energy which you can literally get for free from drops or loot boxes or even just letting the game idle for a while. In addition, we get buggy patches, nonsensical nerfs to heroes shortly after we invest in time and resources to level and gear them, broken sorting, broken gear crafting, and broken pvp because the devs listen to the same small group of 4 Chan trolls. If you can look past that, the story is amazing, and the core gameplay is fun. But don’t spend any money until the devs institute some sort of system to verify the feedback they get is from actual players and not 4chan raids.
  • Best game ever so far

    By BEST GAME 🙂
    The quality of the game is really good I have nothing to complain about this game just keep doing good and please add more backstory to it
  • Lost touch

    By chepaulyrey
    Graphics and gameplay had me addicted for 2-3 hrs/day every day for the last year+ Not a whale but have spent a few hundred $$$ to support it but not anymore. Recent game “updates” have been a huge step back and show developers are completely out of touch with the player base and are tunnel vision focused on revenue right now and it’s created a pretty toxic unrewarding game experience
  • Too good.

    By Kemaryng
    I always come back to this