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  • Does “report” function work in this game?

    By iloveyouihateyouline
    Most people are following the rules, BUT in our state, there is only one person who speaks in a racist and cursing language. Also that person’s avatar was also mocking people with sexual assault. After hitting the “report”, nothing seemed happened. Then why do you design those button to press? If this game is not well controlled, you seem to raise potential raciest and terrorists in the real world, cause they can always bully other players by their inappropriate behaviors and words without consequences. Please improve the management of the quality.
  • Horrible game!!!

    By Angbart80
    Don’t download unless you like either getting attacked every 5 seconds or you’re willing to sell your firstborn for “diamonds “ to protect your base! Would give NO stars if I could!
  • Great potential poor execution

    By Sckizm
    There are a lot of problems in the game. If you die in certain areas, you lose everything you worked hard to get. If you have a problem with the game and can prove it’s a problem, support will not help you and they’ll take forever to tell you it’s not their problem. I love the idea front his game, but it is very frustrating and inconsistent.
  • Addicting!!

    By Joeeemama
  • Last update is glitchy

    By idikito
    SVS opened up, I couldn’t teleport or move because the game stated I was attacking. Not only was this NOT THE CASE, I was being attacked and as a result I lost a battle. On top of this, I paid for VIP points and purchased a feature that does not work and is not supported this is WRONG! You cannot let people buy things that you have not built out in the game this is stealing!!!
  • Don’t bother

    By The potato eater
    Game play isn’t bad, but if you aren’t willing to pay to catch up them you are prey to all the players who have been there longer.
  • Misleading and Great, at first....

    By Fhueso1
    This game was initially introduced as a tower defense game which I wanted and downloaded. However, I am now lvl 10 and have yet to see this function. Totally misleading and disappointing. Initially, I wasn’t attacked got to tend to my city at my leisure and level up somewhat easily with relatively less time devotion. Them I leveled up which more attention from me than I was willing to give. It glorifies the purchasing of stuff to make things go quicker. Also, I was under the impression that we would fight zombies, not other people. I have been raided more and more times with every time that I log in. TL;DR: Yet another freemium game! Don’t download if you casually play games and/or want a tower defense game. Not the game you’re thinking.
  • Just lost my account

    By Uyrffgjutfbutdbjipkmvdeeub
    The absolute worst. I have spent hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars developing my account and now it is gone. Some how I’m back to the beginning. I’m sick to my stomach. I’ve lost everything and I can’t do anything about it. I curse the developers. The absolute worst.
  • Meh

    By DJE-Roc
    Spent over a month in this game. Paid little to no money. The game is structured so the more you spend the more you are rewarded and the more you can destroy those who don’t spend as much as you. I tried the route of time and patience.. even got in a good alliance. In the end it’s months of your life lost waiting to be competitive or pay to play. Going to move on to the next one.
  • Stupid strategy design

    By ben.abcd
    This a game only want to get money from you without caring player experience. What is the sense of upgrading a building without benefit? Stupid copy and paste science from low level to high level by only increasing research time.