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  • Scam

    By Richie Cook
    You have to invite multiple people before you can even play. Dumb...move on
  • Annoying

    By BrittanyKay1234
    You can only play with Facebook friends. There should be an option to play with online users.
  • Great game just have an idea

    By The dangerous Potato-Saurus
    The game is great from what I think but it is kind of hard to get another person on the game for the first time. If, when you are signing in, maybe it could ask for their number. Therefore they would I would be able to search their name and number and easily be able to connect them into a game. If that makes any sense. But I just think it would be easier than having to send it to them via email or a text message. Because me and my friends had some difficulty connecting for the first time into a game. Because when I sent it to them it just sent them to the page where you download it. But the thing was she already downloaded it. So, there was no point to take her to that page. We eventually were able to become friends, but I just don’t think it should have been that hard.
  • Cool idea but doesn’t always load

    By JoeyNT
    There’s a glitch. I tried reloading the game but it still isn’t finding the server. Will try again later. Played yesterday with 2 friends and laughed so much!!! Hope they fix it.
  • Player count

    By Tay515
    So apparently you need SIX PEOPLE in order to play PLUS a $2.00 monthly membership. So there’s that.
  • Fix pls

    By cmonnnnnnnow
    The game keeps blacking out after several months
  • Can’t add people by search

    By Brooklyn Trammell
    I’m not entirely sure if everyone this problem when trying to play with friends but I am. So I wanted to play this game with my friends but it would only let me play with my friends that were in my contacts, but I don’t have some of my friends contacts. When I went to go search their usernames nothing would pop up. It would be great if you could fix this problem some how. Thank you!!
  • Great game!

    By Slb51277
    The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is I think there needs to be more notifications. If someone starts a game- no one else knows unless they specifically tell you. Other than that- it’s a great game!
  • Malware or Spyware?

    This app works and is fun, but there is no way to turn anything off. It doesn’t appear in any settings menus. You can’t disable sound or data or notifications after initial setup. How did this make onto the store? Feels sketchy to me.
  • iPad

    Very blurry when used on iPad, hopefully it’ll get fixed.