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  • You’d get 5 stars again if the game would just STOP GLITCHING FOR TWO SECONDS

    By denisearev
    This game is freakin amazing but I’m tired of losing coins and equipment from the glitches. Ever since they added all that new stuff my game glitches all. the. time. Also, I’ve contacted support a couple of times straight from the game and left an email and have gotten zero response.
  • Battle Pass is only one season?

    By 1st Son
    I purchased the battle pass for Season 1, and figured, for $5, it would be good always. Nope! Only good for one season? That’s a lot of money for very little bonus perks. In no way does it say it is for one season, it only says that you are purchasing a BattlePass. You need to make that way more clear for others.
  • Great game but one thing

    By ShieldMaster21
    Great game but one thing.can you share equipment wit other players like you kept your stuff but share it.If you do this Thank you!😀
  • This game is crap

    By user989231
    At first I thought this game was Awsome, then you get to the upgrades... not only do you have to have the exact same color gear (gray bow can’t be fused with green bow) which means you need 3 gray bows to make 1 green bow so having a green bow and two grey bows means you can’t fuse, also you need gems for everything to get chests or an extra life. (You’ll get lucky to get 20 gems after playing through 30lvls but you need 60 to get a simple chest with crap loot and the good chest cost 300 gems DONT WAIST YOURE TIME ON THIS GAME
  • No season

    By Pambrett
    I’ve now tried to contact the game 3 times no response. I do not have the seasons on my game. I’ve tried uninstalling the game plus looking for updates and nothing. Not sure what else I can do Thanks Pamelar
  • Rip-off

    By Krae b
    Payed $5 for the battle pass and 2 days later when the next season started they wanted me to pay another $4.99 for the next season. You get to some stages that are impossible to pass unless you play it forever to get minuscule upgrades. I want my 5$ back too!
  • Fantastic till you get to level 7

    By Timatayo_o
    Fix level 7 you F**ks!!!!
  • Great game with room for improvement

    By AzureLock
    I’m not pulling punches here because I want to see this game grow. I’m going to say plainly and simply that this game is cool and has a lot of potential. With the different combinations of modifiers to which weapons you equip is genius. The pet addition is fantastic as well, having a little more dps is always nice. Good things aside- I think there’s a whole lot of room for improving on enemy behavior. Sure, I’ve only been playing for a little while. Some odd maybe 8 weeks or so, but there are just some mechanics that I definitely believe should be worked on. For one instance- the plants that pop out of the ground and spit those red bullets (Area #2) need lose the ability to spawn **under the player**. Getting unnecessary contact damage is really annoying. Two, the tornado wizards projectiles wave a bit too far. I know I’m not that bad at dodging projectiles, but when it takes the time out of it’s busy day of moseying along across the desert surface to introduce me to 300 damage, it really takes the wind out of my sails. Lastly- the Cactus wind thrower Boss needs to slow his roll. I barely entered the boss room before I’d taken 75% of my full health in damage. Having to go through 48 levels of non-stop projectiles is one thing. But when the regular version of this enemy has an easy to determine pattern, it’s a bit of a shell shock when the big version slings every wind storm ever to be conjured in your direction. All in all- it’s a good game. But I think the enemies need a little tweaking.
  • Battle Pass

    By The boy who cried app
    Paid $4.99 for the battle pass and it just disappeared before the current season was supposed to end. Waste of my money.
  • It was amazing

    By JalenSpink22
    I mean this is an easy 5 star game. I’ve played it a long time. I’m on chapter 7 and I’ve made it to stage 6. Recently I haven’t got passed stage 3. I’ve been stuck on this same chapter so long I’m losing interest in the game. I never get any good perks to Pick from. It constantly screws me over and I’m tired of it. Something needs to change because this went from the absolute best mobile game to something I hate. I think the creators or now just money hungry and made it to hard so people play to win and that’s not how it started out.