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  • Hats of to its mentors.

    It's work like charm thanks devs for devolep a true promised vpn 🤗 Best app a ever seen, faster than others. Thanks
  • Nice app, less hassles, does what is expected

    By SteveDexy Dingtea
    I'm really happy with this app so far. Nice server in India that hides my true location. Highly recommended!
  • Very fast and secured free enjoyable

    By SWIM777abc David
    Wow, surprise me..the connection so it. Right away I uninstall the one I had before..thank u
  • Simple interface minimal ads.

    By shatiquest_sandycute
    When it come to VPN this is my go to app love it keep up the good worl and also it works perfectly fine!
  • Good and speed immediately connected

    By InventNyc Jam
    Great UX(cute design! (^_^)), fast and stable connection and no crushes until now; The app is a full package! keep up the good work!
  • Wish you More successful in future....

    By Abottasi1982
    Overall performance is very good. Well optimized and speed is amazing . I have been using it for a long time and had a great experience. Everyone should try this app.
  • Best vpn ever , allways connect , very fast

    By FelineNarrative >.<
    I just got it yesterday and so far it's pretty good. (don't leave your data on if you have a limited plan without checking how much it's using while you're sleeping etc.) I've tried four vpn apps and so far this is the best one. It's easy to setup and use.
  • Superb!!

    By Hookitus Bradley_
    Great VPN, and completely free just like it says. Tried many different vpns that misadvertised as such until I found this one
  • Nice VPN love this app

    By Giantingt_Stinker
    Truly amazing VPN.Saved my bum lots of times already.Keep up the good work!!!!
  • Unhappy with DotsVpm

    By SweetieBeth
    I installed DotsVpn because my New IPhone XR10 was hacked and still IS! I couldn’t get into either of my email accounts and after initially running the app, everything worked for a little while. About 3 hours later I was unable to open my yahoo account again so I tried about 20 times to open the DotsVpn app to fix it and I couldn’t get it to come online. I give up! I forgot that I have The Geek Squad so that’s where this phone is headed! You just can’t beat the best in the business for ALL Your Electronic needs! Beth