Apdata Mobile

Apdata Mobile

By Apdata do Brasil Software Ltda.


The new Apdata Mobile app was redeveloped from the ground up and features many improvements on performance, user experience, accessibility and also new features. It was developed for Apdata customers using the new 5.59 version of Global Antares HR portal. If your company still uses an earlier version of the GA portal, please use the Apdata HR app - also available on the App Store. Here are some of the available features: Contact list Your company’s contact list, with quick shortcuts to get in touch. Clock in/out Start or end your shift even while offline with this GPS-enabled feature. Timesheet Your monthly timesheets, compensatory time and overtime reports. Payslips All of your payslips and other payment reports with accompanying graphs. Vacations Schedule your next vacations directly through the app. Workflow Your workflow requests with quick shortcut actions for the most used responses. Reports & Documents Generate and share your team and individual reports and other documents. Corporate identity The app will be customized with your company’s branding including colors, logo and background images. Apdata Mobile The agility you need to use your Global Antares HR Portal on the go. All your HR needs in the palm of your hands!