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  • New version a step backwards

    By Discerning43
    The new app version is slower, glitchier, and has lost some functionality. No longer able to delete old issues manually when finished reading. They must wait at least one month to auto delete wasting valuable iPad storage space. Please bring back manual deletion option. Thanks Also, latesr version of app does not consistently display cartoons correctly, Frequently, just caption with no picture. Also some issues show same cartoons as previous week instead of new issue cartoons. Several weeks there is no caption contest displayed either. Pretty weak update.
  • Disastrous “upgrade”

    By SecurityCurmudgeon
    I endorse most of the recent 1-star reviews of the latest update. It is bad enough to drive me back to paper! Missing things: ToC, Contributors, Cartoon Contest... New behaviors: articles revert to top when one leaves and returns (maddening!); articles fail to scroll (completely) when internet access is slow; an opened and read issue fails to reopen to the last article read; etc. Adding “bookmarks” and “search”, welcome and overdue improvements, are simply NOT worth the cost. Why did you inflict this on your loyal readers??? PLEASE downgrade—NOW. This update is an abject FAILURE.
  • Website redesign poor

    By Gribinitz
    Constantly hangs up trying to re-download or update, even after downloading the entire issue. Cannot toggle from one page to another without having to scroll through the entire article when returning to the page at which you start. Worked much better with last iteration of the app
  • Font sizes

    By Nonprinter
    The new app is better than the old one, three font sizes are better than one, but four sizes would be best.
  • Why?

    By NewOlive
    Before the software update, the article would stay where you left off. Why does it go back to the top just for swiping left or right now? Are we going backwards in time just like congress?

    By Bermuda S
    I really don’t care about Peruvian-Korean-Icelandic restaurants that seat eight, take no reservations, and are located in an alley in Brooklyn. But I can find that feature in ten seconds.However, if I want to check out the cartoons, I have to slog through all the “pages” to find most of them individually. Not to mention that the selection is smaller and the laugh factor has declined. This was a five star app. Now, meh, at best.
  • NEw version does not work

    By Yummy526
    The app used to be perfect and the updated one literally never downloads or saves my spot such a waste
  • Cartoons

    By leHermitage
    How have they managed to screw up the cartoon section? One week its pictures and no captions. This week it’s captions and no art. The weekly contest components are hidden somewhere. “ what’s going on? All I want to know is what’s going on? Does anybody know what’s going on?” Apologies to George Booth
  • Cartoon problems

    By Hairybeast212
    The changes you’ve made to the way cartoons are displayed on the tanlet edition are terrible. Someone’s not mindi g tthe store. Last week’s cartoons showed up again this week. What up with that?
  • Best magazine in the world

    By DrHeywoodFloyd
    It’s my favorite magazine and the electronic edition is superb.