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GroupMe - A Home for All the Groups in Your Life. Family. Roommates. Friends. Coworkers. Teams. Vacations. Greek Life. Bands. Faith Groups. Events. “Lifechanger.... utterly indispensable” -Gizmodo START CHATTING Add anyone to a group via their phone number or email address. If they don’t have the app, they can start chatting over SMS immediately. CONTROL NOTIFICATIONS You’re in charge! Mute specific chats, or the entire app – you can even leave or end group chats. SAY MORE THAN WORDS With an extensive set of exclusive emoji, you can express yourself in a whole new way. THE WHOLE INTERNET IN YOUR GROUP Meme images, search for and send GIFs and videos, and see content shared from URLs displayed in the chat. SHARE NOW, RELIVE LATER The gallery saves your memories. Easily explore the photos and videos shared in your group now, or later. LEAVE TEXTING BEHIND With direct messages, you can use all the features you love for group chat, but one-on-one. CHAT WHEREVER YOU ARE Including from your computer at Stay in touch whether you’re separated by a hallway or a hemisphere. Get your group together. We want to hear your feedback! Email: [email protected] Twitter: @GroupMe Facebook: Instagram: @GroupMe Love, Team GroupMe NOTE: SMS chat currently available in US only. Standard text messaging rates may apply. Privacy Policy: Made with love in New York




  • Not Able to Delete Chats

    By Krystal Cameron
    This app is very good when it comes to staying in touch with my friends or when I’m working on a group project for school. But one complaint I have is that you can’t delete chats. You can only hide them. I have gotten unsolicited spam from two people that I do not know within the first day of having the app. The contents of the messages was quite unsavory... I have no way of getting rid of these messages.
  • Update pls!

    By Geeeeezzzzzzzz!
    Update and fix this app so it stops glitching so much!

    By Sarahdoxa
  • Messages Not Going through

    By Aimes5777
    Hi! For the past year that I have been using Groupme-it’s been terrific! However, within the past 5 days messages have been not going through for colleagues or for myself! Please help! Thanks
  • Great App

    By Cfnickfitnesslyfe
    I use this app communicate with my staff all over the country everyone has been perfect until last week I have been sending out message to my team and no one is getting the messages I can’t understand what’s going. Developers if you can help that will be great I have a large amount of staff using this but if they cannot receive my updates I don’t know what else to do.
  • Messages Inconsistent

    By Infamy247
    Since the main purpose of the app is sending messages to people in groups, it’s quite troublesome that it doesn’t always work. Even when there is no error or sign something may have went wrong, others can screenshot what they see and show you your message isn’t there. It appeared to have been a character limit issue but firstly, even if it was, they shouldn’t even allow you to send the message if it’s too long, and secondly, it’s happened with what I consider to be both long, medium, and short messages so there’s no real consistency as far as what will go through and what won’t. I try to keep the paragraphs short to just maximize the probability it’ll go through but it’s a chat for a business and it’s tedious to have to guess how short to break the messages into just to get the app to send it without issue. At the point where I will probably just switch to something more reliable.
  • Love the app but I have questions

    By Astarie_West
    Do you have to have the app downloaded to receive messages? Can I just add someone’s phone number to the group and they receive messages through text ?
  • Okay

    By Twinklestar35
    Wish there were more setting options. I don’t want it stated in the GroupMe chat every time I change my picture. I also got requests from spammers. Wish I could choose to only allow messages from certain people.
  • Hot garbage

    By AbinizJohnny
    This app resembles a caveman compared to WhatsApp. It is a mystery why people use it.
  • Perfect for a Big Family

    By Hilary Hughes
    Once we all started getting married, text chains literally could not hold all of us. GroupMe was the perfect landing spot to share grandkid pictures and updates on birthday parties, who can drive Grandma to the doctor’s next week, etc. we also made an additional planning group with just the girls to girl talk or plan food for events so the guys eyes wouldn’t roll back in their heads, and then they wouldn’t turn off their GroupMe notifications. Win, win, win.