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  • Crashing on Audio Playback

    By 420GanjaKush
    Gmail crashes on audio playback of MP3 and WAV files. Iphone SE.
  • Dark mode

    By MandyDroid
    Google is way behind in dark mode for iPhone users. Yes I am iPhone 11 pro with the latest os. Dark mode come on already.
  • Can’t download files

    By cant download files
    Ever since I updated to the latest iOS I can’t retrieve any MP3 files. The app closes automatically whenever I’m trying to download music I’ve sent or vice versa. Please fix this issue.
  • Dark mode please

    By melech79
    This app is very good but I would love to see the app support iOS or Android native dark mode feature
  • Crashes when playing .wav or .mp3 file attachments to emails

    By shnanw bauiwla
    This is a very well-documented problem since the beginning of September 2019... VERY annoying if you depend on delivery of voicemails as attachments to emails. Gmail app simply crashes every time you attempt to play one of the specified files. Thousands of posts about this issue. Maybe Google doesn’t have the staff necessary to fix a bug?
  • No dark mode, APIs, or anything new at all

    By The Forever Machine
    This “a/b suuuuuuper slow update speed for all apps” thing gets really old. I’m not interested in wasting time using an app that doesn’t get updated quickly to support new features and enhancements. I opened the app, dark mode didn’t toggle, and then I deleted the app. 2.5 weeks later and still no toggle even. Unacceptable tbh. I don’t have the patience for this a/b testing or snail paced feature updating anymore. All it really does it just circumnavigate App Store rules and policies technically. maybe I’ll come back next year and try again and see where the app is at then. But for now? Sticking with stock mail app. Should’ve known better. This app certainly DOES NOT have all the new features — so don’t expect it. All you can expect is that it has your gmail account and that you receive your email perfectly fine as far as I can tell. That’s literally it, though. Nothing extra, nothing special. Worth about 2 stars I think.
  • The update ruined gmail

    By FinsterVelli
    I can’t even open attachments since the ioS13 update. As someone who does a music and sends a lot of music back and forth, not being able to listen to or download attachments is really annoying
  • Glitchy Update

    By KingReese67
    The app used to work fine. After it updated it just completely shuts down when I try to open an attachment. No matter what type it is. Anything that I try to download completely shuts the app down. I tried to give it some time hoping it fix itself but it hasn’t. Please help!
  • Crashes with new OS

    By Mark Unv
    App crashes when I need to open attachment like wav file. Makes it impossible to listen to forwarded voicemail and therefore do work.
  • iOS dark theme

    By Bayoumadog
    How can google still now add simple dark theme to gmail yet?? Rather go with inbox