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  • Interruptions

    By Rozitabug
    Too many interruptions during plat time.
  • Lobster man

    By MerryMary78
    Love this game.
  • Scam for sure

    By Loukash
    DD gave me 45.000 coins, I bought $60 worth more and get 40 spins with nothing to show for! It’s the same every time, if you just need the money, please say so, so I can quit looking forward to a fun afternoon! You don’t answer the complaints that have been on here ever and don’t appreciate customers who have been playing for year. I will now only play with the free coins I get and never buy them again!!!
  • Double Down Casino

    By Ludddy
    Real Casino Games casino in the den
  • Rip off scam scam

    By jack21 53628892
    Paid tons of money and now since I don’t want to pay it’s been a month and I didn’t get a daily spin over 100k. Keeps making me lose so I can pay and buy...Stupid losers got the system programmed to take your money and keep screwing people over. Don’t forget this is a pointless game with no real money pay out. Never waste your money and buy points its a scam!!!!! Be aware....if you don’t buy the pay daily pay out always low and always to their advantage so you can buy... total rip off.. all computerized!!!! They make you think you can beat the odds it’s just as bad as real gambling the difference is you pay and pay and get nothing back even if you win lol........been playing straight for a month without buying points and the daily spins went down to nothing. Black jack after black jack they get on high bets and make me win in very low bets. Been monitoring the system and it’s all aware it’s a hoax they steel your money...better off playing at a real casino Bunch of crap!!! cheeting game poor people are so addicted to this stupid game..taking money from people should be ashamed you losers!!! You guys don’t get’s computerized they are programmed to make you lose and trick you to play more... wake up guys!!! This is a scam
  • blackjack hoax

    By chuckysoda
    The blackjack is so unfair it is impossible to win. Irritating its no fun when the game will never let u win unless u buy chios if course
  • Poor Sport

    By Mccormick46
    Guess I am...every time I buy coins my luck completely stops. I’ve enjoyed these games for years but now in order to play the games that pay out lots-is have to hope two spins would win. How logical is that?
  • Crashes

    By 7fleas
    What a shame my favorite game now crashes after three spins. Tried resetting and reloading with the same result. Find a fix.
  • Double down is CRAP!!

    By Glxyph
    What a ripoff. Nothing more than that. Cheating scammers. Nothing more than that. You will lose. You WILL BE A LOSER!!!!!!
  • Great Fun

    By jean staebell
    Have more fun tomorrow