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  • Poorly designed

    By 2054.
    There is NO flow to the articles. Grade d heading to F
  • Repeated failures to download

    By Drmolo2
    Excellent paper, but the app too often fails to download the paper, making it impossible to read. Customer support is terrible, and responds to complaints with idiotic advice about how to download, i.e.: press the download button.
  • The worst app

    By Dojemi
    The update has been spinning for almost two weeks. Wish I knew how to stop it and delete the app.
  • Fine app, with a couple of problems

    By SethCurry365
    I like the app, however, there are several things I would like to see improved. 1) When I click on an article in the newspaper, then turn off my phone, I would like the article to be in the same spot as when I turned off my phone, rather then completely refresh the work. Also, when I click on an article and I slightly swipe to a side, please stop refreshing the article. While this may not seem like a huge deal, it is the only reason that I stopped using the app, and started using the wsj. Please please please change this bug/feature 2) On the front page (A1) only for some reason, if I’m zoomed in on an article and I close my phone, then come back to the paper it is no longer zoomed in. Other then that, it is a good app
  • The worst %&^#ing App.

    By Tired Tommy
    Maybe I’m harsh, because when it works, it’s awesome. The problem is it doesn’t always work and it;s a freaking hassle to get it running and that’s the last thing I want in the morning after I sat down and poured my coffee.
  • Can’t buy a single issue?

    By Bitzen91
    Ditto to all of the other comments about the stale design and bizarre lack of user friendliness in one of the most tech savvy cities in the world. Oh yeah, you can’t buy a single issue, you have to subscribe for a month at least. Huh?
  • Great for Internet-free situations

    By TheBeatlesToday
    Glitchy app for sure, but it’s great for my daily commute on the T - every morning, my phone has spotty internet access for about 15 minutes underground. This app enables me to download today’s paper ahead of time so I can read the Globe regardless of having an internet connection.
  • Seriously?!

    By devivofam
    How could the newspaper that is supposed to represent one of our country’s technology hubs be so helplessly stuck in 2007? This app is more than embarrassment to the paper, it is an embarrassment to the city. I was feeling nostalgic for my old home town, so I purchased a trial subscription. I certainly won’t be renewing.
  • Design decisions make this app lag behind other papers

    By Meleetyme
    I get that some people like this faux paper layout of this app but really it is cumbersome for most users and lags in comparison to the NYT, WSJ and the WashPo. Having to decide whether to download an edition or not as the first pop up when coming to the app is annoying and wastes time. Clicking into a story causes it to go in a non mobile friendly layout where the pictures do not flow well with the story. It is also difficult to scroll from story to story, rather one has to flip through each page of the paper like it is a physical paper. I am going to go out on a limb and guess that most mobile readers do not need to replicate the flow of a physical paper in order to appreciate the stories. I am going to unsubscribe to the Globe because I primarily read my news on mobile and the experience is just disappointing and frustrating. Please modernize this app and ditch the physical paper replication.
  • Icon sizing

    By Kenk from ma
    How about you fix the icon sizing? I need a magnifying glass to see them on my iPad Pro 11. Also, why put an app support link in there at all if it leads to the Globe site where there is no app support?