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  • Bring back rainfall records

    By No messaging- app crashes
    FarmLogs used to be the best available tool for keeping track of rainfall amounts. As an absentee landowner, I need to know how much rain my land received in the past week, month, and year. I used to be able to get that info on FarmLogs without paying a ridiculously high fee. Now you have to pay a minimum of $30/month to see that data. I understand the company is just trying to make some additional profit but to go from free to $30/month is crazy. Everyone I knew who once used this app has stopped use since they made this change. Please bring back free rainfall totals, and for more than the last 24 hours.
  • New FarmLogs charges are ridiculous

    By Darkwolf2000
    I’ve been using farmlogs for years now just to keep up with rainfall. I’ve recommended it to so many people and now you want to stop showing us the history unless we pay you $29.99/month? Are you crazy? It’s sad you obviously let money cloud your judgement. Hasta la vista baby.
  • Getting greedy

    By Ticktoc18
    Have had this app sense it’s inception, first two years I used it 3 or more times a week during growing season, for I year they called me every month wanting to sell imagery , now I just find out they took the rainfall history away , which in fact , was the only remaining reason I use the app,
  • Really? Was free, now big charges!

    By Bob, MI
    I’ve used this app, and like it. Now it’s charging a big, not small fee to do basic stuff. Have ag companies pay for it like 99% of other apps do. I’m embarrassed that this grassroots founder is sticking it to us like ag companies been doing to us for years. Bait us in and take the money out of our hand. Sad.
  • Really not worth $360...

    By Lonestarvol
    The data supplied for $360/yr is attainable other a day when Value matters don’t waste your time but if you have money to burn spend the $1200/year...I’ve had the app for 3yrs but in three years I would not have spent $1080 for this just isn’t providing that value
  • Dumb

    By hateyou snapchay
    Love the app not paying for something I can write on paper
  • Loved this app until they started charging.

    By Toniv425
    It’s insane to be one of the first ones to have this app and now to use the features you have to pay. Crazy! Not paying to map my Feild and track the rain.
  • Please make it good again

    By cowman1970
    Used to love this to track everything. I don’t mind the $99 a month BUT app constantly freezes up and the crop help image resolution is horrible compared to the old one. They are concentrating too much on crop marketing and not enough on the good product they had!
  • Back to using a notebook and a pencil

    By Achung1970
    I only use this app on my mobile device. I have had this app far a long time and I have even had phone calls and emails with someone in the past to give you some suggestions. I only used this app to see when I planted and check the rain and heat totals. I really don’t use the rest of it. I guess I will have to go back to using a notebook and a pencil to keep track of things.
  • Not impressed anymore

    By Hossthefarmer
    Used to love this but now you can’t even log actives without paying $99. I will not be using this app anymore not worth it.