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  • Worthless

    By Ihateforcednicknames
    The MCN app is worthless. Rarely does it work when connected and will not load a magazine when not connected. If you really want to read MCN, get it in print.
  • Latest App needs work

    By Slarson7
    Latest app version does not down load issues for off line reading. Always need to connected to internet to read electronic issues. Love the magazine, do not like the latest app.
  • Review About the App-Not The Content

    By k75man
    Have had the app since the beginning. Then it was 5 stars. Since the last update, when downloading, the download quits after downloading 69%. 1 star. Bad update.
  • Seemingly no way for current print subscribers to download issues

    By maple bud
    If there is any longer a way for print subscribers to download an issue it is well hidden. Worthless app without that.
  • Great app flawless performance

    By Bally1754
    Another magazine with a flawless transition to digital media. This app performs fantastic now for three months.
  • Work-in-progress

    By Wellbrush
    I like to read MCN on my iPad, but . . . You can't manage past editions. No way to remove old ones from memory. Print frequently stays fuzzy after turning a page. It never makes it to full resolution. This has to be an unannounced beta version. Keep trying, kids.
  • Needs work

    By DasBeak
    My first impression: I expanded text to make it easier to read... then flipped to the next page and it reverted text size back to small... o.k. that's annoying. Table of contents.. too much text included with each title item.
  • Glad I Tried It!

    By opienator
    Thought the app might be lame like so many magazine apps are and have just been using my PC to get the digital version. Finally gave the ipad version and try and was very pleasantly surprised. App follows magazine layout but is easy to navigate. As another reviewer pointed out, the Show Text button (which pops up if you hold your finger on the page) changes the standard layout to an easier to read layout, if zooming the page doesn't work well on your device. (Seemed fine to me on an ipad running ios 5.01.) A great bonus is that you can copy text in the Show Text mode if you want to make a note of something. So many apps are crippled and make you pull paper and pencil out for notes, then type them in yourself. Thank you MCN! Nice job.
  • Needs a lot of work

    By danhamcritic
    I hope people will look beyond my two-star rating and download this app and supply constructive feedback. I want this app to improve and succeed because MCN is an excellent mag and I would really enjoy reading it on my iPad if it were not such a hassle to do so. The big problem with this (and many other) magazine apps is that it fails to acknowledge that the new medium -- in this case an iPad -- is fundamentally different from a printed page. What works on paper often does not on screen. Type size, layout, photo placement and size all have to be different because simply barfing the printed product onto an iPad results in hard to read type that if enlarged must be scrolled constantly, up and down and left-right, photos that get lost in the resulting mish-mash, and a general feeling of clunkiness that interferes with the excellent content. My suggestion is to look at the AP News app, which instead of trying to emulate print arranges text and photos in accessible ways that make it one of the best news delivery apps out there. AP News is updated every few minutes. MCN should be able to do even better with its monthly rhythm. EDIT: I finally stumbled across the "Show Text" button. Who decided on that label? How about "Page Version" and "Text Version?" At any rate, it does solve the scrolling problem, but is still way behind the usability and intuitive navigation of the AP News app.
  • Should be called Fail App

    By kellvinator
    Installed to iPad but app badge never appears on any pages. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling few times with no luck. Big disaapointment as I would love to have MCN in digital format on iPad.