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  • Thieves

    By ace577
    Great game but make sure you watch your purchases as the STEAL from you. And their customer service? There is none. Good luck. Played from almost the beginning and NOTHING from the developers.
  • Updates

    By fredrickc91
    The game is fun but I can’t turn around without having to update the game it’s annoying
  • Best Game I’ve Ever Played

    By ellisems
    Seriously. I’ve played this game every day for a year, and I don’t get tired of it. They come out with new updates every month or so with new characters and upgrades for existing characters. There’s so much you can do in the app.
  • Marvel

    By Panik3413
    LAaaaaaaav it
  • New Characters & Uniforms

    By Zogilbert
    New characters: Hybrid, Man thing, Beta Ray Bill,Iron Monger, Mandarian, Sentry, Wendigo, Toxin, Molecule man, Kang the conquer, Cloak & Dagger, Scorpion, Doctor voodoo, Radioactive man, Wonder man, Gladiator, Crimson Dynamo, Shocker, Morbius, Kurt the Super Skrull, Thane, Starbrand, Annihlus, Bor, Cul Borson(The Serpent) ,Gorr the god butcher. Hulks: A-bomb, Skaar, Abomination, Hulk 2099 & Hulverine Spider-verse characters: Spider-Man (Noir), Scarlet-spider (Ben Riley), Spider-woman (Jessica Drew), Scarlet-spider (Kaine) Olympians: Zeus, Hercules, Ares & Pluto X-men characters: Vulcan, Havok, Mystique,The Blob, Toad, Gentle, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Professor X, Daken, Omega red, Romulus, Onslaught, Hope Summers, Polaris, Cannonball, Legion, Honey Badger, Shatterstar, Sunspot, Mr. Sinister & Banshee. Uniforms: Fear Itself: The Worthy & The Mighty, The Superior Octopus, Old man Logan, Unstoppable Colossus,Punisher 2099, Venom 2099, King Thor, King Hyperion, Avengers 1,000,000 B.C. & Infamous Iron man.
  • Sticker Update

    By Ty the Detailer
    Update the stickers!!!!!!!!!!!! I want Iceman!
  • Warren

    By warren shed
  • More characters

    By lil goatyyy
    This game is very cool but we need more powerful characters like sentry,legion,wonder man with these characters the game would’ve been a lot more cooler but overall it’s a great game.
  • Treading the same waters

    By Christopher from los angeles
    It really feels like every update is either a mutant update or a mcu tie-in movie update. It gets tiresome too have a update that is 3 or more uniforms all at 1000 crystals or more, a selector hero, and a bio subscription hero. Timeline battles isn’t fun because you almost have to use meta hero’s like Jean grey or thanos or captain marvel, villain siege is way to easy to complete and the rewards aren’t worth it, world boss ultimate is fun but there isn’t a real reason to push as high as you can because odd for ccf don’t increase and the odds on the box’s bad so there isn’t much value in them, the monthly check in is outdated with a lot of the newer rewards not being included, x-gene selectors are basically none existent in the game, a lot of the new hero’s aren’t included in shadowlands either. I would like to see reworks without uniforms, an updated monthly login, updated shadowlands, and a premium hero only chest or selector that you can get at least once month for free.
  • Updates

    By TheAlmightyDiugh
    Literally everyday I go into the game & have to download an update that’s almost 1gb why does this keep happening